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Snow showel EFEKT


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Our new snow shovel with patented smart solutions for professional use – EFEKT!

EFEKT ergonomic snow shovel provides a more natural, healthy posture and reduce wrist stress!
Perfect balanced load, no rollovering. Thermo coated, anti-sliding handle.
Weight only 1,3kg.
Material, ALU, PP: Strong and durable. Reinforced tip of the scoop enables breaking the ice on the surfaces.
Control handle:The rear of the handle provides efficient control during shovelling, jabbing and overturning.
Women can do it too easily.
Job done faster and easier.

Our new snow shovel for professional use – EFEKT!
With smart patented solutions, ergonomic and awarded for its design EFEKT is the best and smartest solution for snow handeling. With reinforced scoop, ergonomic handle and controllable to minimize motion at shoveling EFEKT is much more than just another snow shovel!

Blade width: 370mm
Blade height: 570mm
Overall height: 1610mm
Thickness handle: 36mm
Weight: 1,3kg

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