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Sales Conditions

1. General conditions
1.1. General sales conditions are valid between every person and ordering/sales environment (further CityRamp e-store) owner CityRamp Ltd register number 11415098.
1.2 .In addition to these conditions all legal relations rising from ordering products via CityRamp e-store are covered by legal acts valid in Estonian Republic.
1.3. CityRamp Ltd keeps the right to change the prices and sales conditions without further notice in order to be successful in its actions and in competition. Changes in sales conditions and prices will be valid after being published on Internet address Prices that were current on the moment of purchase from are valid for the client.
1.4. Upon ordering from CityRamp e-store the buyer confirms that he has read the sales conditions and agrees to them.

2. Prices
2.1. The currency used on CityRamp e-store is Euro (€). Prices are indicated without VAT (20%) which will be added. Prices do not include transportation costs.
2.2. Free of charge delivery within Estonia for orders with total sum over 2000 € + 20%VAT.
2.3. Transportation costs are not applicable if client collects the goods from the warehouse.

3. Placing the order at e-store
3.1. Client’s personal shopping cart is created at the moment of adding a product to the cart
3.2. Adding a product to the cart is not binding the client to making a purchase.
3.3. Client can change the quantity of products in the cart by clicking +/- buttons or by removing the whole product from the cart.
3.4. Questions regarding purchase have to be written in Notice section or sent by e-mail to prior to confirming the order.
3.5. During ordering the Client chooses appropriate delivery. If delivery address is other than the payer’s address, correct delivery address has to be entered after clicking “send to another address”.
3.6. To complete the order, click to “Confirm the order”.
3.7. Sales contract is considered to be fulfilled when Client has paid for the submitted invoice in full and in due time.
3.8. CityRamp e-store is an ordering environment. The client will be invoiced after determining the delivery time and transportation costs.

4. Paying for ordered goods
4.1. Payment for ordered goods according to issued invoice to: CityRamp Ltd. Swedbank account no. EE082200221037659575. Payment in cash upon collection is not possible.
4.2. The order and invoice will be cancelled if the payment has not made to CityRamp Ltd. account (EE082200221037659575) within 7 days.
4.3. CityRamp Ltd. is the owner of the goods until the invoice has been paid in full.

5. Delivery and handover
5.1. Approximate cost of transportation and delivery time will be confirmed with the client prior to invoicing. Delivery address will be indicated on the invoice together with delivery costs. Specific instructions and contacts will be given for pick up from the warehouse.
5.2. Check the contact details when placing an order to avoid delays and misunderstandings upon delivery. CityRamp Ltd. will not be responsible for delays or misunderstandings upon delivery arisen from wrong data provided by the Client.
5.3. Check the packaging and quantity upon receiving the goods. Complaints should be marked to waybill. Notes regarding broken packaging should be sent to e-mail By signing the waybill the Client agrees that the goods were complete, correct and without shortcomings.
5.4 The Client will be notified right away should the delivery of ordered goods be impossible for whatever reason.
5.5. CityRamp Ltd. is responsible to Client and the Client is responsible to CityRamp Ltd. for all liabilities arisen for the other party from the breach of these terms according to the legal acts valid in Estonian Republic.
5.6. CityRamp Ltd. Is not responsible for any liabilities occurred or delays in delivery time in case of unforeseen obstacles (force majeur).

6. Return of product
6.1. Customised products are not subject to return.
6.2. Costs for product return will be paid by Client unless the goods delivered do not comply with the order, are damaged. The returned product must be unused and in it’s original packaging.
6.3 Return conditions must be agreed with CityRamp Ltd. in case Client wishes to return the goods for personal reasons.

7. Warranty
7.1. The warranty period is 1 year starting from the date of handing over the goods to the Client.
7.2. Warranty is applicable on production flaws occurring during regular purposeful use.
7.3 Customised products and products remodelled by the Client are not subject to warranty.

8. Processing of personal data
8.1. CityRamp e-store uses data submitted by Client (incl. name, phone number, address and e-mail address) only for processing the orders and delivering the goods. E-store forwards the personal data for transport companies in order to deliver the goods.

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